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Passenger tyres

UAE Tyre Regulations and Requirements - Ensuring Your Tyres Are Up to Par

Discover the regulations and requirements for tyres in the UAE, set by the Emirates Standardisation and Metrology Authority (ESMA). Understand the importance of compliance to ensure safety, durability, and efficiency of your tyres in the UAE's climate and road conditions.

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Tyre Rotation: Importance and How to Do It Yourself

Discover the importance of tyre rotation as a crucial routine maintenance task to ensure peak performance and extend the life of your tyres. Gain valuable insights and learn how to properly rotate your tyres for optimal results.

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tyre roation
Image of tyre manufacturing process

A Closer Look at Tyre Manufacturing: From Raw Materials to the Final Product

Learn how tyres are made of rubber compounds that are blended, milled, built, and cured. Discover the features and benefits of Armstrong tyres. 

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Armstrong Tyre's Guide to Safe Summer Driving in MEA: Tips, Tricks, and Tyre Safety

Get ready for a safe and comfortable summer road trip in the Middle East and Africa with Armstrong Tyre's ultimate guide. Plan your route, check your vehicle, pack smart, and drive responsibly while paying attention to tyre safety. Discover the tips, tricks, and tyre safety measures to enjoy a worry-free journey.

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Armstrong Desert Dog in the KSA desert, exploring the sandy terrain
tyres in 2023

Get Ahead of the Curve: Emerging Tyre Trends in UAE for 2023

Stay informed about the latest tyre trends in the rapidly growing market of the United Arab Emirates. From high-performance and eco-friendly tyres to online sales and the emergence of smart tyres, learn what to expect in 2023 and make informed decisions for your vehicle.

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All you need to know about run-flat tyres

Some drivers claim that run-flat tyres are more expensive to purchase than regular tread. Others claim that the ride isn't as excellent and that they aren't worth the money.

Here is a small run-through of the run-flat tyres.

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run flat tyres
blu trac hp tyre

Drift Through Life With BLU TRAC HP - An Overview

Tyres are an essential part of your vehicle. Matter of fact without them you can never move forward or back.

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Alloy wheel v/s Steel wheel :Detailed study

Every material has benefits and downsides. This article will analyse the advantages and drawbacks of each style of wheel, from price to performance, to help you make an informed purchasing decision regarding your forthcoming tyre purchase.

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tyre purchase
tyre ageing

The Right Time To Change Your Car Tyres- Things You Need To Know!

If you're wondering how long your tyres will last or how you may extend the life of your car tyres or when to get your tyre purchase done, you've come to the perfect place.

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Things To Consider While Buying New Tyres!

What are the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing new tyres for your car?

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new tyres
car tyres

New Car Tyres? Here Is Why It’s Time To Change!

How frequently should you examine your car tyres?

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5 Tips To Increase Your Car's Mileage With Fuel-Efficient Tyres!

Everything from handling, braking, and acceleration to gas consumption is affected by your tyres. Many tyre manufacturers, in fact, now include a fuel economy rating for their tyre models.

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fuel efficient tyres
car tyres

What Affects The Life Of Your Car Tyres?

The only component of a car that is always in contact with the tarmac is the tyre. Your car's tyres play a crucial part in ensuring you and your family have a comfortable journey.

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5 Hot Tips To Keep Your Car Tyres Cool This Summer

Here are some basic tips to watch out for during the hot season. 

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armstrong tyres

Is Mixing Tyre Brands Bad For Your Car?

Can you mix and match tyre brands and tread patterns on your car, or must they match? Should it be carried out or avoided?

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Conquering The Muddy Terrain A Journey With Desert Dog MT

Mud terrain tyres, or simply mud tyres, are an aftermarket fitting option, particularly for four-wheel-drive cars.

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Desert dog MT tyre

Passenger Tyres VS Suv Tyres - What Is The Difference?

Passenger tires and SUV tires are two types of tires available on the market. The structure, tread design, and design aim of passenger tyres and SUV tyres differ.

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Suv Tyres
evolution of tyres

The Evolution Of Man's Greatest Invention - A Journey Through The History Of Tyres!

The world moves on wheels and is considered to be man's greatest invention.

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The Tyre Industry-An Overview!

Tyres are a key component of the vehicle industry. They provide traction between the vehicle and the road while also acting as a flexible cushion to absorb shock.

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The Tyre Industry - A Detailed Overview
How To Find Your Perfect Tyre? A Beginners Guide

How To Find Your Perfect Tyre? A Beginners Guide!

Wheels essentially mark the beginning of civilization. From the wooden discs from the stone age to the modern-day high-performance terrain tyres the world has come a long way.  

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Rise Of The Rhino Tyres That Withstood The Test Of Time

An American legend who gripped the road for over a century. A tyre manufacturer, of humble origin, revolutionised longevity and safety through their traction. The brand and its mascot, Tuffy the rhino, has withstood the test time and are back on the roads.

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armstrong founded in 1912
temperature in KSA

How to Prevent Your Car Tyres When The Temperature Increases in the KSA

Armstrong has the range of durable and reliable high-performance tyres in the PCR category designed to meet your day-to-day needs.

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The Most Attractive Driving Routes During Your Summer Trip In Kenya.

Kenya is famous for tourism and locals of Kenya plan road trips often. There are various routes and places to enjoy the scenic routes. This read will help you to make a list of scenic views of valleys to visit in Kenya.

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Driving Routes in kenya
eveloution of tyres

Evolution of Tyre Technology

You probably don't give much thought to your tyres. Despite the fact that they are the sole point of contact between your vehicle and the road, they are one of the most critical aspects of having a safe vehicle.

As a result, it's easy to overlook their humble beginnings and how far they've gone.

Keep reading to learn about the extraordinary evolution of the basic wheel, which has led us from simple rubber rings to the innovative products we have today.

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The Most Scenic Routes in the GCC

If you live in the Gulf countries or plan to visit them, you must take these picturesque and exquisite roads to appreciate mother nature.

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