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What are the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing new tyres for your car? Here are the top five factors to consider when purchasing a new tyre.

Tyres are one of the most vital pieces of an automobile, yet they are sometimes overlooked until they begin to show symptoms of ageing or become problematic. Tyres help with several elements of a car's drivability, including braking, acceleration, road grip, and ride quality. Consequently choosing your vehicle’s tyres properly is of utmost importance. 

What are the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing new tyres for your car? While purchasing a new tyre for your automobile, consider these factors.


The life of a car tyre varies depending on the size and kind of vehicle. Small hatchback tyres have an average lifespan of 40,000 km, with some exceeding 50,000 km. SUV tyres have a range of roughly 60,000 kilometres. Some costly automobiles with low-profile tyres only get approximately 30,000 kilometres out of them. The tyre's life is also affected by the compound chosen; softer tyres provide more grip but last less. Harder tyres have a longer lifespan but may be less grippy.

However, these values might fluctuate greatly based on driving conditions and vehicle maintenance. Driving on terrible roads, or driving quickly and braking hard, can shorten tyre life by nearly half. If your vehicle has an alignment or suspension issue, your tyres will suffer as well. And finally, there's tyre pressure: always keep it at the specified pressure and check it every two weeks.


Tubeless tyres have no inner tube between the tyre and the rim. That means the air inside is kept directly between the tyre and the rim. A tube-type tyre, on the other hand, has an inflated tube inside it that retains the air in. When deciding between the two, tubeless should always be preferred. Their key benefit is that they lose air slowly, allowing you to travel for several kilometres after a puncture before the tyre falls flat. Furthermore, rather than needing to remove the entire tyre, this puncture may be readily fixed by merely stopping the leak.


When purchasing new tyres, it is best to keep to the size advised by the automobile manufacturer. Typically, this is the size offered on the most expensive variation of the automobile model you own. However, if you prefer a larger size, don't go over the limit because a larger tyre can impair your car's odometer readings as well as its handling. For each increase in tyre width size, always lower the tyre profile size.

Thicker tyres are better on terrible roads, but they provide poor handling since they have more flex and make the automobile less sure-footed. Low-profile tyres are excellent for handling and precise control, but they can be difficult on the vehicle's suspension.


Car tyres are constructed of rubber, which deteriorates with time, especially in hot temperatures. When looking for radials, it is critical to check the manufacturing date and follow a letter sequence beginning with DOT, which indicates the week and year it was created.


Do not disregard the spare tyre. If you've already used it, buy another one to store in the spot designated for it. You never know when it will come in handy and help you out of a jam. Also, as you're filling your tyres, make it a practice to check whether the spare tyre has enough air.


It is not necessary to be an experienced vehicle technician to be safe. Take the time to inspect all five tyres, including the spare. Do they appear to be worn or damaged? Will they pass the coin toss? Insert a penny into the tread of the tyre, preferably in the middle. If its head is not partially obscured by the tyre, the tyre must be replaced immediately.

When you see your automobile tyres performing poorly, it’s time to shop about. It is critical to have the proper tyres. Armstrong Tyres offers a diverse choice of passenger and commercial tyres suitable for Middle Eastern roadways. Our passenger tyre selection includes SUV tyres, all-terrain tyres, off-road tyres, and more. Armstrong offers the highest quality tyres. Purchase your tyre today!

Armstrong tyres: Your Reliable tyre Partner

When your car tyres show signs of distress, it's time to consider replacements. Armstrong tyres offers a wide range of passenger and commercial tyres specifically designed for Middle Eastern road conditions. Our passenger tyre selection includes SUV tyres, all-terrain tyres, off-road tyres, and more. Choose Armstrong for quality and performance. Visit our website today to explore our extensive tyre collection and find the perfect match for your vehicle.

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