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armstrong founded in 1912

An American legend who gripped the road for over a century. A tyre manufacturer, of humble origin, revolutionised longevity and safety through their traction. The brand and its mascot, Tuffy the rhino, has withstood the test time and are back on the roads. With the trust built over a century, Armstrong Tyres are all set to relive history with innovative and modern products. As we venture further into the world of tyres, here is how it all began.


Armstrong tyres have been around since 1912 and have traversed some of history's most difficult journeys. Whether they were battling against large corporations to carve out a space for themselves or navigating the late 1970s recession and petrol shortages, Armstrong persevered to the top.

In 1912, George F. Armstrong established the Armstrong Rubber Company in West Haven. He first entered the tube and pneumatic tyre in a small loft. A decade into the business Armstrong showed exceptional growth. Unlike other tyre manufacturers, Armstrong concentrated on the replacement tyre industry, capitalising on Americans' proclivity for keeping their automobiles for lengthy periods of time. 

The expansion and contraction of Armstrong's facilities in West Haven over the century mirrored broader national cycles of economic prosperity and recession. The company faced and overcame numerous challenges, from contending with corporate giants to navigating the economic downturns of the late 1970s and overcoming petrol shortages. Through it all, Armstrong persevered and ascended to the top.


Armstrong Rubber benefitted from America's growing obsession with automobiles over the following 50 years. The post-World War II era's economic prosperity, in particular, drove Americans to drive in historic numbers. With newly constructed highways and a surge of disposable income, people were driving more. This resulted in a huge spike in automotive tyre demands.  Between 1960 and 1969, yearly tyre output in the United States increased from 119 million to more than 200 million. During this time Armstrong grew to become the world's fifth-largest tyre manufacturer and a Fortune 500 company. 

Armstrong's net sales in 1969 topped $201 million, a nearly 15% increase over the previous year and the highest gain in the company's history. Armstrong's fiberglass belted bias-ply tyre was one of the most extensively utilised tyres in the country by the early 1970s. Armstrong was the country's fifth-largest tyre seller, employing approximately 5,000 people. As a result of its success, the firm decided to build a new $7 million headquarters in New Haven. And in the year 1986, they made a record sales of $1 billion. Armstrong earned a name for itself throughout the mid-century by producing the most grippy and durable tyres, allowing for significant development and expansion. After the 1970s gas shortages wreaked havoc on the whole automobile sector, Armstrong changed to stay alive and was finally sold to Pirelli, an Italian tyre manufacturer for $198 million in the year 1988. In the latter half of the 1990s, Pirelli phased off the Armstrong brand. 


Armstrong – once the fifth-largest tyre manufacturer, was in steady decline when Zafco International stepped in to prepare the foundation for a comeback in 2017. And the mighty rhino is back to manufacturing tyres that can withstand hardship, and they're not afraid to back them up with the industry-leading Built to Last – TUFF 360 Warranty.

And finally, the mighty rhino is back to manufacturing tyres that can withstand hardship, and they're not afraid to back them up with the industry-leading Built to Last – TUFF 360 Warranty.

Whether you're tearing through the desert, cruising down long stretches of off-road, or just need a good set of tyres to get through the workday, Armstrong is your easy choice.

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