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Summer is the most crucial season for automobile maintenance since tyres may easily be destroyed in hot weather, especially in the UAE, where the heat is extreme. You should be prepared since the weather is likely to be terrible. In the summer, when the temperature rises above an acceptable level, you must carefully maintain all aspects of your vehicle, particularly the rubber materials. When it comes to cars, it's not the body that suffers the greatest damage, but the tyres, which are in direct contact with the road. That is why regular tyre care is more vital than you may believe. Continue reading to avoid tyre blowouts this summer! 

Tyres expand and contract when temperatures increase and decrease, and they can usually manage these changes without issue. However, excessive temperatures can cause tyre breakdown, which might occur at the most inconvenient time, such as while you are on the highway far from home. Poor tyre maintenance is responsible for more than 5% of road traffic deaths in the UAE.  According to police numbers and data from previous years, 28 incidents were caused by tyre rupture, resulting in 14 deaths and seven serious injuries. According to Abu Dhabi police, 17 fatalities (out of a total of 199) in 2018 were caused by underinflated or defective tyres.

Here are some basic tips to watch out for during the hot season. 

  1. Maintain optimal tyre pressure

    The tyre pressure fluctuates regularly during the summer as the rubber and air expand and compress owing to the heat. Thus, it is imperative to check the tyre pressure frequently. To guarantee smooth operation, have your car tyres examined for proper air pressure at least once a month. Under-inflated tyres offer a considerable risk since you may lose control of the vehicle while driving, and the tyres may wear out faster due to rolling resistance. Following correct air pressure management will aid in tyre maintenance and extend their life.  It is advised that the tyres be inflated in accordance with the settings mentioned in the car's instruction manual.

  2. Regular inspection of tyres

    The summer heat will have already put a strain on your tyres. Make a reminder to examine your tyres on a frequent basis. This can assist you to prevent errors and other problems that might jeopardise your and your vehicle's safety. Replace any worn or damaged tyres. According to safety standards, car tyres must be sold within two years of their manufacture date and replaced every five years.

  3. Rotate your tyres regularly

    A vital car tyre care advice for your summer tyre maintenance is regular tyre rotation. You should get your car tyres rotated every 5000-6000 miles or as recommended by the manufacturer. While driving, not all tyres receive equal exposure. While direct acceleratory force may also affect your front tyre, it will have a smaller impact on your rear tyres. 

Tyre rotation can also help avoid additional costs associated with fixing uneven tyre tread degradation. This action is performed since the ensuing damage is not only hazardous to an individual's safety but also reduces the lifespan of your tyres. The frequent rotation of tyres also adds to a smoother ride.

  1. Proper wheel alignment and balance check

    Tyre alignment is the process of keeping the car tyres aligned in the particular angles advised by the manufacturer with each other and with the car's body. You must maintain the tyres even on all sides and adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines. If you experience an off-balance when steering during a ride, you should get the alignment examined. You may get them aligned every 5000 kilometres or whenever you notice uneven wear. Tyre alignment will assist you in avoiding needless wear, balancing for a smooth ride, ensuring stability and safety, and assisting in optimal fuel efficiency.

Tyre balancing is the process of ensuring that the entire weight is distributed evenly throughout the perimeter of the vehicle's body.

  1. Drive with caution this summer

    It would be beneficial if you also recorded your driving habits. We frequently subject our cars, whether deliberately or unknowingly, to harsh driving methods and approaches (such as sudden rough braking patterns, etc.), which puts additional pressure on the car tyres, exposing them to uneven wear. The summer heat keeps the roads hot, and the ensuing heat in the automobile tyre, along with continual friction, increases the danger of tyre wear. A smooth ride will go you far in automobile tyre care.

    Summers can be brutal on both ourselves and our vehicles. To fight the heat and avoid accidents, one must take additional care of their tyres, especially if they are worn out. Armstrong tyres recommend performing a brief check around your car every day and never leaving your vehicle alone on the road.

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